Welcome to Charlie Forever! You may remember my two blogs from a couple years ago (The Valley Animal Protectors and Charlie Forever). I decided to start blogging again! Enjoy my blog!

  • How to dress for the cold – Blogmas Day #5

    Welcome back to Charlie’s Blogmas Adventures!!! Today I will be talking about how IMPORTANT it is to dress warm when it’s cold outside. I live where it is very cold sometimes so if you are going on vacation to a cold place at some part of the year I will share my tips for dressing warm!

    Tip #1 – Wear Hats!

    I know earmuffs are cute and stylish but they don’t really work when it gets super cold. I’d recommend getting a good hat instead. Hats can be cute, stylish AND super warm!

    Tip #2 – Socks!

    Please wear warm socks! Have frozen feet is not fun and frostbite is not fun either. In the gift guide I posted there will be some recommendations for socks.

    Tip #3 – Warm Jackets!

    I feel like in a lot of Christmas movies there are always people wearing stylish sweaters (that are obviously not warm) and still don’t freeze. Well that’s not how it works in real life. You need thick, insulated jackets if you want to stay warm.

    That’s all I have for today. I kind of have a cold and I’m feeling pretty uninspired so that’s my excuse for not writing much. If you have any blogmas post ideas please let me know in the comments.

  • Conversation Starters – Blogmas Day #4

    Hey everyone! Welcome back to Charlie’s Blogmas Adventures! During the holidays you connect with a lot of people who you haven’t seen in years so today I will be giving you some conversation starters to make the dreaded awkward silence disappear.

    Conversation starters:

    One thing I like to say a lot to start a conversation with people I already know is “What have you been doing lately?” and if a person asks you the same thing make sure to actually respond don’t just say “Nothing.” or “I dunno.”. Saying those things makes the person you’re talking to feel like you don’t really care about talking to them.

    Another way to start a conversation is by talking about something you already know about them. You could say “I’ve heard you started bowling competitively, how is that going?”. Below is a list of two things that will make your conversations with people more meaningful to you and to them:

    • Actually listen to people when they talk (don’t play on your phone or pretend to listen.).
    • Don’t talk just about yourself, if you realize that you are that’s ok, just wrap up what you are saying and then ask the other person a question about themselves.

    How to end a conversation politely:

    • Say “Oh sorry, I think I have to wrap things up, I haven’t talked with [insert person’s name here] yet. I really enjoyed talking with you, I hope you win your bowling match.”
    • “I really enjoyed talking with you but I think mom needs me to help set the table.”
    • “It was really fun talking to you but I think I have to go now and help get ready for dinner.”

    And most importantly…

    HAVE FUN!!!! The holidays are supposed to be fun so enjoy yourself. Don’t worry about not being a competitive bowler or not beating your cousin (who is 4) at Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. If you don’t want to talk to your aunt all the time you don’t have to. Just be you and have a good time! Because you are amazing!

    Please tell me if you know any competitive bowlers…

  • Winter Moodboards w/ Diamond – Blogmas Day #3

    Helloooo everyone! Today I’m doing a collab with Diamond! Diamond has two amazing blogs, I Have 12% of a Plan and Build A Bears Furever. They’re both amazing blogs so please check them out! For this post we each gave each other 3 holiday themed moodboard aesthetics. Diamond will publish her moodboards on IH12OP and I will publish mine here so be sure to go check out Diamond’s post as well!

    Note: All of the moodboards shown in this post were made with Canva and the photos are from Unsplash .

    The first aesthetic Diamond gave was Snowed In, here is the moodboard:

    I really like how this one turned out. I live in an area where it is not as cold as Alaska or Canada but we get a LOT of snow some years. A few years ago we got record snowfall.

    The second aesthetic Diamond gave me was Gingerbread House

    This one was fun but I feel like it could’ve turned out better. It’s really hard finding gingerbread house photos that don’t all look the same.

    The final aesthetic Diamond gave me was Santa’s Workshop

    This one was a bit more challenging for me, but it was really fun to make and I think it turned out well!

    That’s all for today! 2 things would like to say before I end this post:

    • A HUGE thank you to Diamond for doing this collab with me!
    • Also don’t forget to check out Diamond’s post on her blog I Have 12% of a Plan!

    Thanks for reading!

  • How to make the best hot chocolate – Blogmas Day #2:

    Hiiiii! It’s Charlie, for today’s post I decided to share my secrets for the best hot chocolate! Let’s get started!


    Flavors are very important for making hot chocolate. Some of my favorite flavors in hot chocolate are ginger, peppermint, cinnamon and vanilla. Even if you have the packets of hot chocolate mix you can still add flavor by using candy canes, vanilla extract and ginger powder. Salt is also an important flavor because it can be used to tone down the sweetness in hot chocolate.

    Making your hot chocolate look nice:

    One of the things I love about hot chocolate is making it look nice. You can do this by adding whipped cream, candy canes or marshmallows. Then you can put your hot chocolate in your favorite mug and enjoy!

    Sorry it was such a short post. I just don’t have any more tips 😆 Hope you enjoy your hot chocolate!

  • Charlie’s Gift Guide – Blogmas Day #1 ðŸŽ

    Hi people reading this post I really need to come up with a better intro 🤣. Today is the first day of Blogmas (I think…) I’ve never done blogmas before so if you have any constructive criticism (please keep it kind.) I would love that!

    Also don’t feel like you have to get every single person you know a gift. It’s really nice when you get a gift or give a gift from/to someone but you don’t have too. If someone gets upset at you if you don’t buy them a gift (unless they’re under 5 years old.) you probably shouldn’t get them gifts anyways.

    Note: I am not sponsored by any of the products/brands I recommend in this post.

    I have bought/have been given product(s) from all of these brands and I’m only putting products/brands that I have used and enjoyed on this list.

    Now on with the post!

    Darn Tough Socks

    Ok so I know what you’re most likely thinking: “What are you thinking Charlie?!?!” but let me tell you, these socks are AMAZING! There not super thick so you can still move your toes, but they’re also SUPER warm and cozy! You can get them in all different lengths, sizes and patterns too! They’re like super socks! There is also a warranty thing which is really cool but impossible to explain through a blog post so just go to their website to learn more.

    Porter Water Bottle

    I have the mint green one and it’s probably my favorite water bottle EVER! The glass has a few downsides but it also makes water taste WAY better. It’s also way more sustainable then getting single use water bottles. Another one of my favorite things about the water bottle is how it’s SUPER leak proof. I’ve always had really leaky water bottles and it drives me CRAZY!

    The color options for the water bottle are all really pretty too!

    Turtle Fur Hat

    The hats and pretty much everything from this place are AMAZING! They’re comfy, warm and stylish!

    Arctic Fox Hair Dye

    If you or someone you know would like to dye their hair I definitely recommend Arctic Fox. Their hair dye is vegan, cruelty free and 15% of their profits are donated to promote animal welfare. Also the hair dye smells like bubblegum and makes your hair super soft! Arctic Fox also has a nail brand called Foxology that I haven’t purchased anything from but it looks really good.


    These. Things. Are. AMAZING!!!!!!!! If you don’t know what squishmallows are they are very squishy and cute stuffed animals. They can be used as pillows or stuffed animals and they’re so fun to play with. Pretty much everyone loves them so you can get them for people of all ages too! I put the url to the squishmallow website but you can also find them on amazon for a bit cheaper. I have a tiny ice cream squishmallow and it’s the best!

    Fat and the Moon Products

    My mom and I have bought a LOT of products from Fat and the Moon. Fat and the Moon has makeup, skincare, oral care, hair care and a lot of other awesome things! And the best part is that all of their products are natural, plant based and sustainable! Some of my favorite Fat and the Moon products are the lip and cheek stain and their sage and rose face mist!

    Gift Giving Tips:

    • If you don’t know what to get someone but you still want to give them a gift you can always ask them if there’s something they want or ask one of their friends or relatives.
    • Get people gift cards! If you don’t know exactly what they would like this is perfect because it’s like shopping spree for their favorite store!
    • Look on Etsy! Etsy is a great way to find cute and original things to get someone. When you open up the Etsy home page there are usually a lot of different products being shown there. That’s how I’ve found a lot of different things.

    Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

  • Q&A:

    Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

    Hii! It’s Charlie! I asked in a couple of my posts to put questions in the comments for me to answer in a future post so here it is!

    What age was your best birthday and why?

    I think it was my 11th birthday (this year.). I hosted my first sleepover party and we got helium balloons! My birthday presents were a really pretty necklace that used to be my grandmother’s and tickets to see Six on national tour!

    Why did you decide to start a blog again?

    If some of you don’t know, I used to have two blogs (they’re taken down.). I decided to start a new blog because I was really, really bored 😆

    What’s your favorite part of blogging?

    Ooooh that’s a hard one. I think it’s a three way tie between creating the content, the community and seeing that little red dot above the notification bell (oh my goodness it’s so satisfying.).

    When did you first start blogging?

    I first started blogging around 1 or 2 years ago (Naomi you probably know.). I created a website for the organization I was doing called the Valley Animal Protectors. Naomi, my friend Rowan and I each created organizations during 2020 that helped out the world.

    Then later I started a personal blog called Charlie Forever. Now I have another Charlie Forever 😆

    What’s your favorite animal?

    A tiger or some other cat 😺

    Do you have any siblings?

    Yes, I have a younger brother named Jesse.

    What are some blogs I should check out?

    Well some of the blogs are really like are Naomi’s blog The Society To Stop Climate Change, Evin at A Curly Sue’s Ramblings, Diamond at I have 12% of a plan and if you need blogging tips I love Living the Blogging Life.

    What is your favorite post you have done this year?

    It’s an upcoming post for blogmas so be sure to check it out! But some of my favorites that are already published are Reading and Reacting to my Old Journal Entries and Hunger Games Mood/Inspiration Boards (they were so fun to make).

    Do you have a favorite book?

    I do it’s The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart. I definitely recommend it!

    Thanks so much for reading, it really means a lot to me! If you have any assumptions about me I would love to hear them and use them in a future post!

    Until next time,

  • Theatre Glossary – Theatre Stuff

    Hi everyone! It’s Charlie and I’m back with a new series, Theatre Stuff. In this series I will cover everything theatre from shows to things to do backstage. Today I will be defining different words from the theatre world that are often confusing when you start out doing theatre. Enjoy!


    Shows are a performance in the theatre world so usually a play or a musical. You would say “I just went to see a broadway show” or “I’m in a show at my local theatre.”


    So this one REALLY confused me when I started doing theatre. It is where everyone stands and moves onstage during a scene. You would say “We have a blocking rehearsal tomorrow”, “I we blocked a new scene today.”

    Off book:

    Off book is when an actor has to have their lines mostly memorized and can perform without their script. Most shows have a date during the rehearsal process where you have to be off book. You would say: “On the 16th we have to be off book.”


    An audition is kinda like a sports try out but in the theatre world. Auditions are almost always how you get into a show unless it’s a camp or class. Even in camps and classes usually have you audition anyways so they can put you into a role that will suit you best. There can be many rounds of auditions too! To use the word audition you could say: “(random show inserted here) is having auditions next week.” or “I need to work on my audition song.”

    That’s it for today! I am hoping to do a Q&A post soon so please, please, please if you have any questions for me put them in the comments.

  • Reading and Reacting to my Old Journal Entries

    Photo by Ashley West Edwards on Unsplash

    Hello readers! Today I’ll be reading and reacting to my old journal entries (these are from 2019 and 2020). This is how it’s going to work: My journal entries will be in italics and my reactions will be in a normal font. I’ve selected the longest and best entries so they might not be in order.

    Entry number 1, August 18th, 2019:

    This week is going to be very exciting. First on Monday (tomorrow) my friends are coming over for a playdate. Then on Thursday my mom, brother and I are going to my very first horseback riding lesson and I think that’s it. Oh wait I also baked a pizza for my brother and I. Okay one last thing my mom, brother and I went to a party, and while the grownups talked the kids were having a blast. There was a little trampoline, there was a foosball table, a dish of candy, a playset and so much more! Note to self: We have to get a foosball table and a playset

    Ok, well we did end up getting a mini trampoline 2 years later. And a foosball table 🤣 I also remember that that house had a really tiny fountain thing too. There isn’t really anything else I have to say about this entry…

    Entry number 2, January 24th, 2020:

    Ok so for this entry I’ll be writing in exactly how I wrote it in my journal to show off the awful grammar skills I had when I was 8.

    Today is my grandmothers birthday! Today was and amazing day. We baked my grandmother a cake, my mom and I went for a walk, and then we came home and I had a violin lesson. Lucky for us tomarro we have nothing planed.

    I actually have 0 memory of this day, but from they way I wrote it I’m guessing we were up a my grandparents house in New York and then drove back down to Pennsylvania for my violin lesson.

    Entry 3, January 26th, 2020

    Today’s another family day I think! 🙂 Guess What!!! My parents made this awful deal that I have to practice violin 5 times a week if I want to play soccer. 😖 Today is so boring I want to SCREEEEAAAAAAM!!!!! 5 reasons why today is so boring:

    1. I have nothing to read.
    2. It’s gray outside.
    3. It’s my least favorite day of the week.
    4. We have nothing planned
    5. Today is just plain boring.

    My solution: Convince my mom to take me to the library.

    Guess what! My solution worked! We even got pizza for dinner 🙂!

    I remember this day very clearly… I get very bored when I have nothing planned and I was upset because I didn’t want to practice violin (that’s actually why I ended up quitting eventually). But I guess everything turned out ok because there were books and pizza.

    Entry 4, February 7th, 2020

    Today I don’t have theatre. But I might go over to my friends house!! I just watched Jurassic park and the Annie movie from 1982. Jurassic park was okay but the Annie movie wasn’t as good as the new Annie movie. I am not going to my friends house today :(.

    Old Annie Movie vs New Anne Movie:

    1 * = 1 point

    Old Annie Movie:

    • Dancing: ****
    • Singing:**
    • Characters:****
    • Acting:*****
    • Comedy:*

    New Annie Movie:

    • Dancing:*****
    • Singing:*****
    • Characters: ****
    • Acting:*****
    • Comedy:*****

    The Winner is the New Annie Movie!

    It’s so funny how obsessed I was with the “New Annie Movie” because I actually really don’t like Annie at all now. That Jurassic World movie was really intense though, my brother was 5 when he watched it with my mom and I.

    Before I got into theatre fully I was writing a play with my friend’s mom. So we would go over to their house to work on it.

    Thanks for reading! I really want to do a Q&A post at some point so if you have any questions for me that you would like me to answer in a future post PLEASE put them in the comments!

  • Hunger Games Inspiration/Mood Boards (I don’t know what to call them and this title is getting very long ðŸ¤£)

    Ok, so I made a couple of these mood board type things for different Hunger Games characters because I am OBSESSED with the hunger games trilogy and no, I have not read all of the prequel because my mom finished it without me. Also I’m team Peeta. ALSO: IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THE BOOKS AND HAVE ONLY WATCHED THE MOVIES YOU NEED TO READ THE BOOKS NOW!!!!!! no pressure.

    The first mood board thingy I made was for Katniss!

    Now for Peeta:

    And finally the amazing Effie Trinket!!! *applause*

    I hope you guys liked today’s post! 3 questions for you guys to answer in the comments:

    1. What should I call the mood board things?
    2. Would you like a part 2?
    3. Team Peeta or Gale?
  • Winter Mood Boards!

    Hi everyone! Today I tried to make mood boards today! Tell me what you think in the comments!

    My first one was kind of a snow/cold aesthetic:

    Number two is warm and cozy:

    The last one is trees:

    That’s all for today! Questions to answer in the comments:

    1. Should I do a part 2?
    2. Do you have any questions you want to ask me, if you do put them in the comments and I’ll do a QnA!